Mattapoisett Democratic Town Committee | Help create change with Everytown for Gun Safety
The Mattapoisett Democratic Town Committee, or MattDems, is a political committee dedicated to promoting the core values of the Democratic Party; educating our members and the public regarding local, state and national issues; recruiting and supporting candidates for election to public office; and coordinating and fostering relationships with other members and affiliates of the Massachusetts Democratic Party.
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Help create change with Everytown for Gun Safety

Everytown for Gun Safety

Help create change with Everytown for Gun Safety

The locations and the countless names of victims change, but senseless gun violence in our country remains a constant problem. When will enough be enough?

Here are two tangible steps forward to help you make sense of the tragedy in Las Vegas.

1. Sign the Everytown condolence card to send your thoughts and prayers to those affected by the Las Vegas mass shooting – offering support and solidarity in times like these is a powerful first step.

2. Take the next step to be part of the conversation – check out Everytown for Gun Safety for information and insight about stopping gun violence. You can learn how not only have your voice heard but create real impact towards implementing common sense laws and saving lives.

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