Mattapoisett Democratic Town Committee | September Was Miserably Hot. Blame Carbon Pollution.
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September Was Miserably Hot. Blame Carbon Pollution.

meteorology of the record late september warmth

September Was Miserably Hot. Blame Carbon Pollution.

Thankfully, our late September heat wave is finally ending. I woke up at 5:45am today and it was still 73 degrees and humid. Just miserable.

Check out these incredible September temperatures compared to normal at stations across New England (through September 27):

  • Bangor, ME: +7.0
  • Concord, NH: +6.0
  • Burlington, VT: +5.6
  • Portland, ME: +4.9
  • Hartford, CT: +3.7
  • Worcester, MA: +3.3

The heat on Monday was not just record-breaking but reflective of our new climate. On Monday, Burlington, VT broke its record for the day by SEVEN degrees (92, old high 85) and Caribou, ME broke its record by FIVE degrees (88, old high 83). It even triggered an autumn toxic algae outbreak in New Hampshire, just one of many ways global warming makes it harder to enjoy the outdoors.

The same weather pattern saw Chicago top 91 degrees for seven consecutive days, breaking the record high every single day. Europe has also been gripped by the so-called Lucifer heat wave. And then of course there were Harvey and Irma, which both drew added fuel from warmer-than-normal water temperatures.

September’s weather has been simply unprecedented and climate scientists say global warming is directly to blame. It’s time to stop asking how much clean energy and electric cars will cost and start talking about how fast government action can speed our total transition away from fossil fuels.

Article: Miles GreenImage Source